Lalafox Makeup Review

Hello everyone!  I have not done a review post in awhile, in fact, not much of posting in awhile.  Between deaths in the family, traveling a little this summer, and school starting up, some of the other biggest things in life like posting on here and exercising had been on hold so I deeply apologize... Continue Reading →


DIY Charcoal and Clay Mask

Hello everyone!  I decided to create this mask based off of what the information a guy had researched when I bought one of the ingredients at the Vitamin Shoppe {Woo! Woo! S/o to the Vitamin Shoppe}.  This mask is meant to help balance pH, remove toxins, and help seal and lock moisturize into the skin.... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, I know I had made a post like some months back about an updated skincare routine but I have made some distinct changes that has really given my skin a complete 180° turn.  I hope you guys enjoy it! Garnier Micellar Water I have been trying out the Garnier Micellar Water with the pink... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone!  I wanted to make a post while we're transitioning into fall about a deep-cleansing face wash that is completely pure and works like a charm.  This is great for people struggling with acne because you can research natural remedies and customize it to your skin type and liking!!  While yes it is customizable,... Continue Reading →

DIY Deodorant

Hello loves! I have to make this quick post before heading off to work! This is a recipe for those with sensitive skin. If you have gland problems for under the arms, this is the perfect recipe for you. Without further or do, let's get on with the recipe. Here are the ingredients: You want... Continue Reading →

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